Friday, September 5, 2014

Secretary-General Jordan Palmer issues awards and request commissions for Joshua Koch, Wade McNabb, and Richard Crawford.

Secretary-General Jordan Palmer today formalized the nominations for Kentucky Colonel Commissions for K. Joshua Koch, Wade A. McNabb, and Richard Crawford, the highest honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky by the Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Commonwealth.

All candidates submitted to the Kentucky Governor also received a Certificate of Service from the Southern Kentucky Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels from Secretary-General Jordan Palmer and Adjutant Brandon Combs.

The Southern Kentucky Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels always lists the reasons people receive a special certificate of service as well as nominees to be commissioned by the Governor.

K. Joshua Koch, 33 years of age and born in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, served in the Kentucky Army National Guard (KYARNG) and the U. S. Marine Corps. During his term of service, Mr. Koch deployed to Africa in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Mr. Koch has also served the Commonwealth of Kentucky when the governor declared emergencies by executive order. As a sergeant in the KYARNG, Mr. Koch was a computer networking specialist and Kentucky JISCC Team volunteer, being activated by the Commonwealth during Kentucky's crippling 2009 ice storm and serving in other states on request of their Governor’s during Hurricane Gustav and the flooding in Vincennes, Indiana. Mr. Koch's civic duties include serving as Vice President of Policy and Public Relations and Special Advisor to the President of the Kentucky Equality Federation, an organization that acts as an advocate for hate crime victims, victims of violence, victims of school bullying, and fights for civil rights and equality throughout the Commonwealth.

Wade A. McNabb, 36 years of age has been a lifelong citizen of Kentucky and has served the Commonwealth and her citizens for 17 years in public safety in various police, fire, and emergency medical services departments. Mr. McNabb has received training at the Kentucky Justice Cabinet's Department of Criminal Justice Training. Mr. McNabb has also served the Commonwealth's youth by serving as a volunteer sports coach in baseball, basketball, and soccer. Mr. McNabb is continuing his public service by running for Constable in Fayette County.

Richard Crawford, 35 years of age has been a lifelong citizen of Kentucky and served as Mr. Palmer's personal security officer as well as the Director of Security in the private sector. Mr. Crawford is also an instructor for emergency medical technicians and other emergency personnel as a Certified First Responder Instructor, and a CPR Instructor. Mr. Crawford is a Certified Firefighter with the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is an active Certified Emergency Medical Technician (certified by the state and federal governments) in addition to being a Certified Emergency First Responder. Recently, Mr. Crawford was certified by the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a Certified Active School Shooter Medic (in the event of a school or other mass casualty shooting, they protect, aid, and evacuate live and injured citizens).

Active members of the Honorable Order who live in Kentucky may purchase the Honorable Order's license plates through their local County Court Clerks. All that is required is to show a current year Honorable Order Membership card. The card must also be presented at each renewal date. Purchasing a license plate helps fund the Honorable Order's charities.

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The Honorable Order:
Kentucky Colonels are unwavering in devotion to faith, family, fellowman and country. Passionate about being compassionate. Proud, yet humble. Leaders who are not ashamed to follow. Gentle but strong in will and commitment. The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, as a Brotherhood, reaches out to care for our children, support those in need and preserve our rich heritage.  

Pledge to the Flag of the Commonwealth:
I pledge allegiance to the Kentucky flag, and to the Sovereign State for which it stands, one Commonwealth, blessed with diversity, natural wealth, beauty, and grace from on High.

Addressing Kentucky Colonels:
* In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, commissioned Kentucky Colonels are considered members of the Governor's Staff and his honorary aides-de-camp, and as such are entitled to the style of 'Honorable' or 'The Honorable' as indicated on their commission certificates. If a Kentucky Governor grants you a commission, you are entitled to be addressed as The Honorable (First Name) (Last Name) at public events or in writing and simply as Colonel (Last Name) in person.

Sources: Commonwealth of Kentucky, The Protocol School of Washington, and Honor & Respect: the Official Guide to Names, Titles, and Forms of Address.

* The Protocol School of Washington® is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Honor & Respect is dedicated to Dorothea Johnson, Founder of The Protocol School of Washington®

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