Friday, March 20, 2015

2014 Good Works Program Grants – made possible by contributions from Kentucky Colonels

Secretary-General Jordan Palmer reminds Kentucky citizens to remember the Honorable Order with donations and to review the Honorable Order's grants (partial listing):

"Those who can, have an obligation to do so," stated Colonel Palmer. We are proud to assist in fundraising efforts and to assist the Commonwealth and her citizens. "Every citizen of the Commonwealth is my brother or sister, and we must help those in need; basic human dignity demands this of us.

In the latest report, over $2 Million was donated to organizations to enrich or better the lives of the citizens of the Commonwealth. 

Related - How to address an active Kentucky Colonel:

"In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, commissioned Kentucky Colonels are considered members of the Governor's Staff and his honorary aides-de-camp, and as such are entitled to the style of 'Honorable' as indicated on their commission certificates. The commission and letters patent granted by the Governor and Secretary of State bestowing the title of Colonel refers to the honoree as 'Honorable (First Name and Last Name)'. In-person, the individual is referred to as Colonel (Last Name)."

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